Anorak Magazine – Research

So click here for the brief

DEADLINE – 10 November 2011

FORMAT – I have emailed the team at Anorak about this as it does not specify it on their blog. Apparently the format is not too important at this stage but I will create an illustration in portrait format as it needs to be bound with the spring edition of the magazine which is also in a portrait format.

I started the brief by refreshing my knowledge of Anorak magazine and checking out what they have been up to. Anorak is a fun, quirky, colourful and positive magazine aimed at 5-9 year old children.  The magazine has a strong link with good illustration and believe children also deserve a beautifully illustrated and printed magazine. Editor Cathy Olmedillas says, “We simply want to inspire them and fire up their imaginations!”.  After looking at past magazines and the illustrators they like to work with, you can see that playful, refreshing and humorous work is a common feature.

They don’t have an about page on their website so I read about their ethos and what they are about on several blogs. Here’s an example.

Heres a nice little review by Boooooooom!

Here are some pages from the magazine:

I have looked at the magazine and the contents but have made a conscious effort not too look at particular illustrators featured in the magazine. I do not want to be influenced to heavily by their style and let it influence my own. I do however think its vital to check out the work in the last ‘Food is Fun’ publication to get an idea of what is required and get a feel of for how the brief has been interpreted by others.  here are some of my favorites:

Food Is Fun Page of Entries  – they seem to have combined the past entries in with the new entries but you can see what kind of thing they are looking for.


So I now know what Anorak want to see but what do I want from this brief?

  • ORIGINAL – I am working on my concepts and this is a clear opportunity to take a unique approach to the brief. Hopefully my idea generation stage will filter through the obvious choice of drawing a pack lunch and labelling everything in it.
  • COLOURFUL – Previously I have tried to work on adding colour to my images as I tended to work in Black and white. I still work very much in Black within my sketchbooks (although this is slowly changing) but by using the computer as a colour and composition tool I seem to have swung in the other direction and have gone colour mad. I’m all over the bright colours and playing around with balancing them into a final image.  This brief is a perfect opportunity to have fun with colours and maybe experiment with texture.
  • FUN – I want tjis image to ooze fun in all areas. I don’t want it to be a fun little illustration but I want to have loads of fun making it

Quote taken from the previous issue of ‘Food is Fun‘:

“Food is a fascinating world. Have you ever stopped and looked properly at the deep purple coat of an aubergine? A work of art! Have you ever wondered why such a sweet tasting fruit like a kiwi needs to be that hairy? Or take a celeriac for example.

OK granted, it might not be the best looking vegetable but we love the fact that it is that odd-looking. It looks a bit like a Dr Who character.

Don’t even get us started on the taste of these, it’s mind-boggling how one single vegetable can taste that different depending on how you cook it. Simply fascinating.

That’s exactly why we decided to create Food is Fun. Because wait for this: FOOD. IS. FUN. (and fascinating!)”




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